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Below are examples of work created outside of my contractual employment positions. Demos created for employers are not available for public viewing. For further examples, please contact me directly.

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Demo Course Created in Storyline 360

Sample course demonstrating various features available such as video backgrounds, moving elements, narration with closed captioning, and restricted navigation.


Workshop on Designing Effective Presentation Visuals

I was asked to give this workshop to nurses and health care professionals looking to improve their academic poster game using some fundamental principals of graphic design. 

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HITRECORD.ORG  is an online collaborative production company and thriving community of artists from around the world started by Joseph Gordon Levitt. One of our video projects  was a weekly topical webseries entitled the Hot Button. I was honoured to be invited to work as Resident Editor, Key Animator, and Writer on episodes #9 and 10. I was also invited to host a segment called "The Regularity" on several occasions. This segment directs users within the Hitrecord community to a few specific projects and challenges happening  on the site.  #oscarspoofs

Scratch Workshop Video 

I shot and edited this video for ACT, a collaborative research organization that works to bridge the gap between aging and technology. This workshop was organized by Professors Giuliana Cucinelli, Anne-Louise Davidson, and Margarida Romero in order to familiarize educators with Scratch with the goal of using it as an educational tool in the classroom. 

Usibility Analysis of Course For Members of
District 3, Concordia's Entrepreneurial Center
This case study, created with colleagues, examines the effectiveness of using a course to help teach the community members of District 3, mainly engineers and student from the John Molson School of Business, how to perferm a good elevator pitch. The results from the study indicate that it wouldn't be the most effective way of learning this skill.




Collective Genius Board Game

Allows players to apply the principals of learning theories into practice with a limited amount of tools, resources and budget in order to mimic real life teaching and training challenges. The overall design of the game is based on collaborative learning theories that are meant to set the focus of learning delivery methods from teacher-centric to learner-centric. You can watch the instructional video that I created here for more details. Our game was featured at the 2016 Different Games Conference hosted by NYU.

Infographics  Instructor Facilitated Workshop
Workshop geared at teaching Instructional Designers the basics of creating effective infographics using an open-source authoring tool ( It consisted of the workshop, website creation, and a short film animated using

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Fundraising Video for District 3 Maker Space

This video served as the call to action for our successful fundraising campaign. District 3 has since changed location from these humble beginnings and now has a thriving makerspace and maker community.

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